List of Content

How to Become a Core Developer

A document on what contribution can lead one to become a NEO core developer, and what becoming a core developer means

How to Become a NEO Consensus Node

The purpose of this is to introduce the background to NEO’s consensus node governing models and provide a guide on how to become a consensus node on the NEO network.

NEO Monitor Reference

The purpose of this reference is to standardize the monitoring of NEO blockchains, primarily for main-net and test-net.

NEO Vulnerability Bounty Program

The purpose of NEO Vulnerability bounty program is to be proactive about blockchain security by providing a channel for security researchers to report potential security vulnerabilities identified related to our underlying infrastructure. Everyone who find the vulnerabilities can send email to We will try our best to investigate those eligible vulnerabilities and fix the validity issues. All rewards will be paid in the equivalent amount of NEO.